'I am constantly inspired by the natural beauty of New Zealand''

What's Happening? 

Nature Journaling workshops with the Kaipatiki Project

Dates - 25th March 2021 & 10th April 2021

Do you love nature and want to know more about it?

There is no better way to learn more than sitting down and drawing or describing all you see around you.

Come and join me on Auckland's North Shore and have a go at nature journaling!

Start your own journal with me and soon you will be looking at nature very differently.

Once you start you may not want to stop! 

To find out more about the Kaipatiki Project and the workshops, go to 



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'The-Artful-Lodger' Gerygone igata Grey warbler nest

Grey Warbler (Gerygone igata) nest with Grey Warbler egg (white and brown) and Shining Cuckoo egg (dark green). Feathers are from the Shining Cuckoo - from breast - left, and from wing - right.