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Tillandsia Artwork


These watercolour and ink artworks were commissioned for the Bromeliad 2023 conference in Auckland. 

A huge thanks to Lynette Nash who allowed me to use her beautifully presented plantings from her outstanding New Zealand Tillandsia collection for these paintings.

Original A4 artwork, giclee prints and cards are available to purchase.

Please contact me if you would like to know more or make a purchase.

Tillandsia xrectifolia 

A natural hybrid of T. ionantha x T. schiedeana. 

The green leaves of this plant are purple

towards their tips, and show unusual white banding.

#2 Tillandsia Aunt Betty _ LoRes.jpg

Tillandsia 'Aunt Betty'

 T. ionantha x T. hondurensis. 

Candy pink foliage from renowned NZ hybridist Andrew Flower.

Tillandsia ionantha

An ionantha cultivar that has purple flowers emerging from the bright orange red foliage.

#3 Tillandsia 'Fuego' _ LoRes.jpg

Tillandsia 'Fuego'

cv. of Tillandsia ionantha. Named from the Spanish word for Fire, bright red foliage and heavy white scurf make an eye-catching plant.

#4 Tillandsia mallemontii _ LoRes.jpg

Tillandsia mallemontii

A species with fragrant wavy flowers on delicate thin plantlets offer a bouquet of delight.

Tillandsia tectorum 

This caulescent form of this popular fuzzy species is a stem growing variety and adorns an ancient piece of petrified wood from the New Zealand native Nikau palm.

Tillandsia crocata

A delightful small plant with silvery trichrome coated leaves, produces bright yellow flowers with an intoxicating perfume.

#5 - Tillandsia durati var. saxatilis  _ LoRes.jpg

Tillandsia durati var. saxatilis 

On top of a large tangled mass of tousled silver curls that pour around the base, the purple flowers on the tall straight inflorescence are beautifully perfumed.

Tillandsia hetermorpha 

As a lithophytic plant (grows on rock faces), this specimen happily nestles on New Zealand’s precious pounamu – greenstone.

Tillandsia tectorum 

A stemless example with the desirable silver fuzzy leaved pompom and its attractive tall flower stem adding a pleasing bonus.

#1 Tillandsia _ LoRes.jpg
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